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Marina L. Marrelli

Partner and Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Robert J. Anslow

Partner and Co-Founder, Chief Investment Officer

San Diego

Robert J. Anslow

Partner and Co-Founder, Chief Investment Officer

James D. Peterson,  CFA

Partner, Director of Portfolio Management & Research

Andrew Mark

Partner, Portfolio Management, Research & Trading

Trishul Goswami, CFA

Portfolio Manager/Research Analyst

Rick L. MacDonald, CFA, CAIA

Portfolio Manager/Research Analyst

Craig D. Rice


Lisette Mascarenhas

Investment Analyst


Venkat S. Chalasani,  CFA

Director of GlobeFlex India

Sarim Alpin,  CFA

Research Analyst, GlobeFlex Boston

Svetla Mincheva,  CFA

Research Analyst, GlobeFlex Boston

Hikmat Rasulov

Research Analyst, GlobeFlex Boston

Noah D. Bretz

Partner, Director of Client Service & Marketing

Jerre S. Bridges

Partner, Client Service & Marketing

Ken M. Mota

Partner, Client Service & Marketing

Brian D. Marvin

Vice President, Client Service & Marketing

Jeanell T. VanDusen

Assistant Vice President, Client Service & Marketing

Edna Wallace

Senior Marketing Associate, Client Service & Marketing

Harrison G. Kent

Senior Client Service Associate, Client Service & Marketing

Marina L. Marrelli

Partner and Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Pamela F. Pendrell,   IACCP®

Partner, Chief Compliance Officer

Tammy L. Johnson,   CIPM

Partner, Head of Investment Operations

Jennifer A. Eve,   CPA

Controller, Finance & Accounting

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Our Investment Approach

"We exploit our information advantage, seeking to buy good companies early, ahead of the market,
and benefit from the realization of positive fundamental change."

- Bob Anslow

We Identify the most Fundamentally Attractive Stocks, exhibiting:

Business Improvement - We focus on finding companies with accelerating business conditions in order to identify early signs of growth.

Quality Management - We evaluate the long-term sustainability of a company’s fundamental business improvement by conducting an in-depth analysis of a company’s prospective operating performance and management’s skill to increase shareholder wealth.

Reasonable Valuation -We stay ahead of other investors by recognizing accelerating business conditions early, buying and holding companies significantly below their fair market value given their future growth prospects.

Our Research Edge

Research has been a cornerstone of our efforts since inception, focused on methods and techniques that fine-tune our ability to identify fundamental change early, and on information and methods that are complex, where there is a potential for alpha.

The following are among the biggest contributors to our research edge:

Research Depth – We are relentless in our focus on very granular details of key indicators of future growth in order to identify and invest in companies that are well positioned to exceed other investors' expectation.

Breath of Coverage – Through our wholly-owned subsidiary, GlobeFlex Research India (GRI), we collect information on over 1,000 uncovered companies and produce proprietary earnings forecasts, giving us a broader universe of opportunity than other managers.

Proprietary Techniques - Our proprietary, internal technology is unique as a time leverage tool, rapidly analyzing vast amounts of financial information to translate complex data, disentangle anomalies, and zero in on sources of alpha.

Global & International Equities

Global Dynamic Equity

ACWI ex-U.S. Equity

World ex-U.S. Small Cap Equity

International Micro Cap Equity

International All Cap Equity

Emerging Markets Small Cap Equity

Domestic & Canadian Equities

U.S. Small/Mid Cap Equity

U.S. Micro Cap Equity

Canadian Small Cap Equity

GlobeFlex, in conjunction with Leading Ladies Network (LLN), a non-profit women’s leadership development organization based in Accra, Ghana, has created the Progressive Mayors Fund for the Ga North Municipality, to be directed by the newly elected Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) Gertrude Ankrah, affectionately known to us as Gertie.

Gertie is using her mayoral position in this growing district within Greater Accra to push a progressive agenda down to the constituency level, furthering the education of girls and stirring an entrepreneurial outlook among the youth.

Globeflex’s relationship with Gertie goes back more than a decade to WomensTrust days, where Gertie was Program Development Director for the NGO and Marina Marrelli, GlobeFlex CEO, a founding board member. It is with great pride we congratulate the Honourable Gertrude Ankrah on her election to public office and we are thrilled to continue the support of women and girls with Gertie and in Ghana.